Dean Cain Alert! Two Extra Cheesy Clips from Syfy’s Frost Giant

Sad but true: I’ll watch Dean Cain in just about anything. I know this sounds like some sort of self-imposed torture designed to make my life as agonizing and inhospitable as humanly possible, but it’s not. To authenticate my tasteless obsession, I’ll even admit to owning a legitimate copy of his made-for-TV “Die Hard” rip-off “Breakaway” (aka “Christmas Rush”) on DVD, a film I’m pretty sure nobody in their right mind would pay money to see. Not surprisingly, Dean Cain’s upcoming SyFy flick “Frost Giant” sounds like an ideal way to piss away 120 minutes of my shockingly boring life. I genuinely wish I was kidding. I really do.

“Frost Giant” will dazzle discerning television viewers on August 7th at precisely eight o’clock in the PM. Thanks to Dread Central for the juicy info.