Dear Warner Bros.: Anne Hathaway is Waiting for you to Ask her to Play Catwoman Again


Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Character PosterBatman and Bane throwing down was aces in “The Dark Knight Rises”, but there was nothing finer in the Christopher Nolan movie than watching former Disney princess Anne Hathaway strut around in that skin-tight black leather outfit as sassy cat burglar/all-around ballbuster Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

So howzabout a spin-off movie starring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman?

The actress has said plenty of times that she loves playing the character, and in a recent press junket interview with Access Hollywood, reiterates that she would really, really like to play the character again. Possibly even in a spin-off of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

I would love it. I actually, it’s so embarrassing, I was at a press Q & A thing the other night for a screening of ‘The Dark Knight,’ and the moderator asked me, ‘So what was it like to say goodbye to the character?’ And I burst into tears, because I miss her. It just makes me cry. I miss her. I love Selena so much and I love her presence in my life and getting to… I’m crying again. So assuming there was enough Kleenex in the world, I would love to do a spin-off.

Really, Warner Bros. what’s currently keeping you guys from knocking at her door right now telling her you’re about to hire someone to write a script, and possibly even get Nolan’s blessings and get him to “Godfather” it the way he’s doing Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”?

Boggles the mind that we haven’t heard about a “Catwoman” spin-off movie yet…

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • schnydz

    Something tells me they are waiting for “DC Universe” to come together first. But, I do believe Hathaway’s catwomen could be that first major Female-driven-action/comic-blockbuster everyones been waiting for. At least since Sigourney Weaver in Alien(s).

    • Dedpool

      Agreed! They could so easoly adapt the Story of her being in Rome trying to find out her connection to the Falcone family. Or just come up with a great prequel story to what she was doing prior to coming to Gotham. Still think DC missed th boat with a WW film, and they should’ve just adpated the animated film with some tweaks.

  • ErickKwon

    Honestly, I think Catwoman, like the Hulk, is better suited as a co-star or support member of a larger cast. And great as she was in “TDKR”, the character seemed to exist solely as a plot device. Speaking of which, considering how well Bruce Wayne’s motivations for putting on a mask were explored even in just “Begins”, anyone else think it was weird that out-of-the-blue, Selina Kyle was wearing a costume and mask, even though Daggett and everyone else seemed to know who she was already?

    • Dedpool

      Not really. She IS a catburglar. They usually try to keep their identities a secret fhen pulling a job less so to protect it from who they’re stealing from but who may see them while doing it. So what if Dagget knows she stole from him, without proof he can’t really get her arrested.

      As for the first part of your comment, mostly I would agree but there are stories that can be told that would be interesting for both characters (Hulk and Catwoman), that said i don’t think it should be a franchise in and of itself. but could definitely tell one good movie story.

  • ErickKwon

    I still think the appearance in costume seemed a bit abrupt, but a Selina Kyle movie as a straight forward action/crime movie would work. I’m imagining something in the vein of a “Mission: Impossible” where some fantasical tech or plot elements are there but more grounded than what we’d think of a superhero movie.

    • Dedpool

      Which is basically what she had in “Rises” and I could go for that. It would lead to her getting the gear that she uses in “Rises.”

  • punishment

    i liked selina kyle wayyyyy more in Batman returns ann never uses a whip! also i loved the nolan movies but it seriously should have showed more with the grapnel gun and bats flying with his cape thats why begins was soooooooo awsome