Death is alive again!

Death2(Article by Tony G.) According to Superhero Hype!, Neil Gaiman’s spunky grim reaper is about to make her appearance on the big screen. Death: The High Cost of Living is slowly progressing forward, thanks in part to Guillermo del Toro, who is executive producer (I’ve really got to find out what an executive producer actually does). The plan to turn this story into a film has been around for a while, though it does seem like things are moving faster at the moment and if Stardust is a success (which pre-buzz seems to suggest it will be), it’s likely Death will be coming soon.

“Death” involves a teenager named Sexton who’s been contemplating suicide. He is rescued by a mysterious teenager who claims she is Death herself, spending one day every 100 years on earth to learn the value of thelives she takes.”

The graphic novel is a light read, and does seem perfectly suited for a film adaptation. It should also satisfy fans who have been craving a film project from the Sandman universe. Though I suppose folks are now wondering if Gaiman plans to shoot the sex education chapter from the book, which involves Death and a banana…erm.

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