Death Race 3 Will Take That Whole Death Racing Thing to the Desert


Realizing that they have a name brand that needs to be taken advantage of when they see one, Universal has already produced a quickie sequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s “Death Race” remake (that sequel was actually a prequel, not that it really matters), and has now fast-tracked a third installment, this one to be set in the Mexican desert, according to Moviehole.

This is actually a pretty good idea. They’ve already exploited the whole futuristic prison as racing event twice already, a third time would be pushing it a tad. Taking the whole thing off-road into the desert would give it that extra something, cause I’m sure you kids demand that from your “Death Race” sequels, am I right?

Danny Trejo and Tanit Phoenix (below), who made their debuts on the franchise in the second “Death Race”, are expected back. Not expected back, though, is Luke Goss, the hero of the second film, or Jason Statham, the hero of the first.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Okay this one has to be a sequel to the first one, not another prequel. Trejo and Phoenix’s characters got transferred to another prison after the events of the second film seperating them from what happened in the theatrical one with Statham. With the newly revamped Death Race about to go online everywhere the corporation wanted people with some experience and so they bring back these two for the all-new, all-different Death Race. This will bring the film closer to the original cross country race.

    • Anonymous

      Lets hope your right because I haven’t enjoyed the series so far.