Death Race Prequel is Being Written as I Type This

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The Jason Statham-starring “Death Race” remake made just south of $75 million in worldwide grosses from its $35 million dollar budget. Not exactly the bucks that would get people thinking sequel, but then again, you’re not a rich Hollywood executive in a fancy suit, because the studio has greenlight a sequel that will explore the history of the Frankenstein character.

Or so says STYD, who reports that Tony Giglio has been hired to write the prequel script from a story outline by Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the first movie, a remake of the Corman original. Giglio may also direct the sequel. His previous credits include writing and directing 2005’s “Chaos”, which also starred Jason Statham.

Anderson’s “Death Race” starred Statham as a wrongly accused race car driver who must race in a prison system run by ice queen Joan Allen for his freedom. The film co-starred Ian McShane, Tyrese Gibson, and Natalie Martinez (below).

Wait a minute, this isn't the woman's prison. Um, taxi?

Wait a minute, this isn't the woman's prison. Um, taxi?

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