Debut Trailer for Jason Stutter’s Insanely Dark Comedy Predicament

Newsflash: I will watch anything featuring “Flight of the Conchords” alumni Jemaine Clement. I own “Tonga Ninja”, “Gentlemen Broncos”, and “Diagnosis: Death” simply because he’s in there doing his thing, and I’m not too proud to admit it. To my giddy delight, the fine, dedicated individuals at Twitch were extremely kind enough to give the world the first look at the man’s latest project, namely director Jason Stutter’s pitch black comedy “Predicament”. The film, a demented tale surrounding the bumbling misadventures of three would-be blackmailers, is tearing things up on the festival circuit, though I’m honestly not surprised. It does, after all, star Jemaine Clement. I mean, come on, people.

North American release dates have not been set as of this writing, though you can watch this clip over and over again until your little heart’s content.