Debut Trailer for Oxide Pang’s Crime Sequel The Detective 2

Aaron Kwok in The Detective 2 (2011) Movie Image

Although I’m wasn’t as enamored with director Oxide Pang’s “The Detective” as the majority of folks who saw the flick, I appreciate what the filmmaker was trying to accomplish. After all, it’s not everyday that you encounter a Chinese detective story set in Bangkok that centers around a near-sighted private investigator with serious personal and financial issues. The film was a pretty big success, prompting Oxide and star Aaron Kwok to deliver a sequel, aptly-titled “The Detective 2”. If the trailer’s any indication of things to come, the plot feels a little darker this time around, peppered with a fair amount of light comedy. Trust me — it looks a lot better than it sounds.

But first, a handy synopsis to clear the air:

Mysteries keep revolving around Tam’s life. Not only does this ex-police officer and now a private detective struggle to make sense of the mysterious death of his parents, he is further entangled in a case which escalates out of control into a spree of serial killings, that started when his childhood buddy Fung showed him some crime scene photos.

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The Detective 2 (2011) Movie Poster