Debut Trailer for the British Zombie Opus Night of the Living Dead Resurrection

Zombies: At this point, you either love them or hate them. I’m really not sure where I stand anymore, especially when it comes to remakes/reboots. Enter North Bank Entertainment’s “Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection”, a film that’s essentially a British remake of George A. Romero’s genre classic. Independent Moving Pictures and Mad Science Films helped produce director Andrew Jones’ undead motion picture, which will probably shamble into the public eye sometime next year. In order to help get the word out, a teaser trailer has been released, which you can find below. Keep in mind that it’s just a teaser, so be nice.

Before continuing, take a bite out of this synopsis:

In 2012 the deceased have risen from their graves with only one instinct: to feed on the living. As academics speculate on the scientific cause of the phenomena, theologians point to the Armageddon foretold in the Book of Revelation. As the cities are overrun and civilization crumbles, a family take refuge from the undead army in an isolated farmhouse in West Wales. But the greatest threat is already among them.

“Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection” has the potential to be an interesting flick, assuming, of course, that Andrew Jones handles the material with intelligence. We shall see. Investigate the teaser whenever you’re ready for more zombie madness.

Via : Quiet Earth