Dedpool Does New York Comic Con ’10

Blown away!! Simply put that’s what I was. For three days straight I was in GEEK HEAVEN!! For a lover of everything comic book, the 2010 NYC Comic Con was THE place to be over the past weekend. And thanks to Nix I was! I have been trying to get there since the first NYC Comic Con five years ago. I always said it didn’t seem fair to me that the big two publishers, Marvel and DC were both based in New York, and all they got was small or medium comic conventions in hotel event rooms. When the first NYC Comic Con hit the Jacob Javitts Convention Center five years ago I was ecstatic and sad at the same time, as I couldn’t make it. Life kept me from it until this year when patience and the right connections paid off.

Now this was my first year and I was definitely under-prepared for reporting, but not to enjoy myself and get a few good pics, and a scoop or two on upcoming animated shows and movies. First things first though and that’s to get the professional stuff out of the way.

I attended three panels, all of them for DC animated properties. The first and the bigger of the two was the DC Animated Feature panel featuring writer Michael Jelenic and Producer Bruce Timm. In it I got to see a few clips from “Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam,” the upcoming animated film and compilation of the Showcase shorts that have been prominently featured as of late. I must say that it was absolutely amazing stuff to behold on a big screen with booming sound. The spirit of the film is very upbeat and is a modern origin for Billy Batson and his transformation into Captain Marvel. The voice work by George Newburn and Jerry O’Connell (reprising their roles as Superman and Captain marvel from Justice League), was perfect, and Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep from “The Mummy” franchise) as Black Adam and Jamer Garner as the Wizard Shazam were spot on. I only got to see a total of about 6 minutes and I was hooked. Like all the Showcase shorts the art is spectacular, and the writing is brisk but gets everything across well.

After that we were treated to the opening five minutes of “All Star Superman.” WOW!!!! They are seriously doing better and better with these adaptations. Boasting a simplified art style that still evokes artist Frank Quietly’s style Bruce Timm said he feels this is their best film yet, with his previous favorite being “Wonder Woman.” Writer Dwayne McDuffie adapted the material on his own, and the writer of the source material Grant Morrison has seen it and loved it. He actually said to Timm that he wished he’d done things the way Dwayne did in some parts. During the question and answer period some burning questions I’ve had got answered.

Quick rundown:

  • There will probably NEVER be a “Kingdom Come” or “Crisis on Infinite Earths” film made. “Crisis” is too big, and has too many characters, and “KC” is to closely tied to Alex Ross’ photorealistic style. Barring live action or CG animation it just can’t be done. Personally I say call up Robert Zemeckis and get the “Beowulf” crew on it.
  • The “Teen Titans: Judas Contract” movie is dead.
  • “Batman: Year One” is next on the slate after “All Star Superman,” with “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights,” to follow. “Emerald Knights” will be like “Gotham Knights” and will tie into the upcoming movie featuring Ryan Reynolds. It will have stories that deal with different corps members including a young Kilowog, and Hal Jordan’s predecessor Abin Sur.
  • About choosing voice actors for the films: “We choose them based on the piece.” He said that sometimes they just need a voice that would distance the specific version of a character from their DCUAnimated version.

The second and third panels were back to back and in a smaller room. I won’t go into as much detail but I’ll give the general info of what I found out. The first was for the “Green Lantern” animated series. This series harkens back to the old DCAU style pioneered by Bruce Timm, but with a tiwst, it’s CG. That’s right, this is the first fully computer generated show by DC. The producer Bruce Timm stated they wanted a look close to something along the lines of “The Incredibles” and I’m all for that. There was no footage other than a test scene with Hal and Kilowog fighting some Manhunter androids, but it was promising. The discussion was mostly about the setting of the show and some of the characters for it.

The next was the “Young Justice” panel for the upcoming animated show also on Cartoon Network. Not more was said that hadn’t already been released except for a sizzle reel that they played at the beginning and end of the panel. Wikipedia has a quick rundown of the stuff already announced. I will say the show is looking gorgeous. I’m really feeling it. It’s a cross between “Justice League” and “Teen Titans,” but with art closer to “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” the PG-13 animated film from last year. The team will be a black ops group for the Justice League as they’ve reached an almost celebrity status and can’t really do much without being noticed. The sizzle real got the main characters’ personalities across pretty well, and it really seems like a cool show. If anyone wants more details comment below and I’ll happily spill my guts.

Other than that I was just one of the masses. I gawked at sexily clad women. I drooled over the beauty that is Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (oh yeah four more fighters revealed; Modok, Magneto, Nathan Spencer “Bionic Commando” and Arthur from Ghosts n’ Goblins). I got an Avengers ID card with my picture on it and took a pic holding Captain America’s shield. I ogled at the “Black beauty” and the lovely ladies with her. I watched people dance to MJ at the Wii “Michael Jackson Experience” game booth. I cursed myself for not having more money, and I applauded my patience as I waited to get a comic signed. I got a free “Monsters” T-shirt, and got to see some amazing independent art. All in all it was a great time. And I can’t wait to go back next year.

Enjoy the pics!!!