Dedpool Does New York Comic Con ’11

New York Comic Con 2011

I’m Baaaaaack!!!! What a week/weekend it was. Year 2 at ComicCon was just as much a blast as the last, if not moreso. Sure I didn’t get into some of the panels, and the lack of actual Press reservations in said panels left me scratching my head but it was still Geek heaven and I may have found annual wingmen as well.

Once again through the great connections I’ve made here at BH I was able to attend New York City Comic Convention, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Not as big as either the San Diego or International Cons held earlier this year, it is however gaining steam and fast. The show sold out completely as of Friday ( a feat it failed to do last year) and had an estimated 150, 000 people in attendance. That’s only 100, 000 or so shy of what San Diego is pulling in. To give an idea of its growth, there was about 35, 000 in attendance total the first year it was in NYC. So yeah, that’s quite a jump in just 5 years. But that’s not what you want to read about.

Okay apologies up front for anyone wanting exclusive Avengers info or anything like that. I failed you guys on that front I really did, and I’m sorry. I did get to see Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston briefly when they walked out on the Marvel stage on the show floor but that was the extent of it. Oh and a few pics of Cap’s uniform in it’s Avengers case. But here is a rundown of what I did see:

New York Comic Con 2011

Animated Film panel of course as that’s a specialty of mine from reviewing here. They spoke about “Batman: Year one” (out 10/18) and the “Catwoman” Showcase short. I’ll have a review up on those this week as well. It started pretty run of the mill, with Bruce Timm (producer and DCU Animated godfather), and Andrea Romano (voice directing Goddess) being introduced. Then before they got into talking about anything we were asked if we wanted to see “Catwoman” which was of course was responded to with an earth shattering applause. THEN they had Eliza Dushku come out and introduce the short, which was greeted by more thunderous applause. 15 minutes later the lights came back on, and though my ears were still pounding from the booming sound system, I thoroughly enjoyed the short. It was a lot sexier than you’d imagine, and a perfect companion piece to “Year One.” However I was saddened to see Eliza had left us. But not to be left sad, the voice of Batman himself for a generation was then brought out to talk about the upcoming “Justice League: Doom.” A trailer was shown, and it was funny because in it Vandal Savage appears in the place of Ra’s Al Ghul (which I’m very fine with) but not only that it shows how much of a departure was made from the original story. I was happy to know already that the late, great Dwayne MCDuffie wrote the script so it will be great. Also the character design is by the same person who did “Crisis on two Earths” and the current “Young Justice” show. SCORE!!

During the Q&A Timm has said that “Blackest Night” has been brought up in every meeting they’ve had since the comics debuted. Hmmmms.

New York Comic Con 2011

I also attended the Marvel Anime panel, and it was stated that Harold Perrineau will be voicing Blade in the upcoming anime! That is perfect! Perrineau is very underrated and I think he’ll bring something to the character. Personally I’m surprised they didn’t grab T.C. Carson who voices Mace Windu in the “Clone Wars” animated and Kratos in the “God of War” games, but I digress. The first episode of the X-men anime was shown and hooooboy is it awesome. Anyone underwhelmed by the last to offering will be happy with these next two.

Throughout the Con I also got to see some footage of the upcoming “Ultimate Spiderman” which looks to be pretty awesome actually, and all anger I had that “Spectacular” was cancelled is washed away. Yeah it’s that good. The second season of “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” was previewed and it’s looking even better than the last season, with tons of guest stars and an animated version of “Secret Invasion.” Also the “Green Lantern” animated series looks better than I thought, though the style in CG still takes getting used to. The rest of the time was spent trying to get into panels or just walking the floor taking pictures (and buying stuff). I actually had quite the long talk with some one working on a new comic with none other than Mark Hamil, you may know him as Luke Skywalker or the voice of the Joker. He’s got an intriguing new booking called “Next Gen” and they told me to see about getting a press kit. So hopefully in the next month or so I’ll be talking about that.

So pretty much that was it. The pictures tell the rest of the story but the bottom line is I had a blast and slowly but surely, BH is making its presence known at NYComicCon. Hopefully in the next few years we can get that clout we need to get some exclusives. Until then I’ll diligently do my best to bring you guys back some good news and great pics.