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New York Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Pictures

It’s October and that means pumpkins, zombies, and NY Comic Con! I went again and it was definitely a sight to behold. The floor was packed and the fans were out in force. Cosplay was everywhere as usual and there were some seriously cool and original costumes as well as some sweet takes on old favorites. But before you run off to see all the pretty pictures, let me let you in on some info real quick.

I was a lone soldier again so I had to prioritize with panels. Obviously, if you follow my writings you know where I was, and if not I will let it slide this time. I went to the DC Animated Universe panel for the up coming “Justice League: War” film. All I can say is WHOA!!! Their previous film, “Flashpoint Paradox” was in my opinion one of the best, and this film looks to continue not only that story, but also the story started in “Flashpoint” in the comics and began the reboot of the DCU as the DCnU (DC new Universe). “War” is the story of the first time the heroes of the Justice League first meet. I’m not going into full cast or anything but I will drop some, Jay Oliva is directing again (he did “Flashpoint Paradox”) with Phil Burasa doing character designs, with slight changes from the Jim Lee designs seen in the comics. Jason O’mara (“Terra Nova”) voices Batman and Alan Tudyk (“Firefly”) voices Superman, with Michelle Monaghan voicing Wonder Woman. I’ll give you more when I review the film next year.

New York Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Pictures

The panel had Jay Oliva, Andrea Romano, James Tucker (who now oversees these films), and Jason O’Mara. Discussions included upcoming changes going forward. With the move into New 52 era characters, DC has pretty much decided to tell more current stories, and have a more constant voice cast, with O’mara voicing Batman for the near future. Not entirely sure if that means for every project or just the New 52 stories. They also stated that the stories they tell will not all be adaptations, and if they are there will be some changes as the comics are far ahead and they want to change things up a little. Rest assured, I did see some clips from “War” and O’Mara as Batman is different but still very good. He has a sternness to his voice without having to do the super raspy thing. The scene I saw with Wonder Woman was actually funny, and the last clip was pure action.

There wasn’t much mentioned otherwise about future projects other than the titles mentioned at SDCC like “Son of Batman,” and “Assault on Arkham”. However, there was mention that a certain monarch of the seas will get his own animated film, partly because he was replaced with Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel) and partly because he is actually becoming popular again. No really!

The rest of the panel was actually questions from the audience, and I got to actually ask one this time. I asked the question, “Since ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ did really well, and they were alternative worlds, has there been any discussion of doing Elseworlds titles?” Well lo and behold, James Tucker answered the question and he said that they had indeed talked about it, and that it a joke this time, as that was their answer to every question that had been asked numerous times before, ad nauseam. But my question was answered and they had said there were a few ideas out there. And then to my surprise I was called up to the stage at the end, and I got a poster for “War” signed by Andrea, Jay, and James!!! Awesome!

New York Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Pictures

But wait there’s more.

Sorry to brag, but the first day I was there I was just walking and happened to run into Tony Moore inking a sketch. If you don’t know who that is, let me drop some knowledge. He’s a co-creator of a little comic called “The Walking Dead.” Yeah that’s right, he’s the artist of the comic, as well as doing some runs for Marvel on “Venom,” “Ghost Rider,” and a comic about this guy called “Deadpool.” So I see Tony, and I buy a signed copy. THEN he dedicates it to me!! I almost lost my mind. This was definitely the best trip I had. The pics will tell some of the story, but it culminated in an epic battle between DC and Marvel on the floor on Saturday. Sunday was the day to just relax and walk around and get my last pictures. All I can say is, if you’ve never gone to a Comic Con, San Diego or New York get to one as soon as possible. There is something there for EVERYONE!!!

I’d like to give some special thanks to people that helped me out while I was down there, like my friend Luie and his sister Lauren, who took some great pics and kept me company. Shout out to Crystal and her husband John who have been meeting up with me as well, and were able to procure the awesome Monster High Doll for my daughter and a DragonBall Z scouter for me!!

And lastly shout out to Ivy Doom Kitty, the sexy cosplayer in the pics with Luie and Lauren, she was very nice and very outgoing and I hope to see her again next year!


New York Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Pictures

New York Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Pictures

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  • Suzuran Crow

    So jealous :) Love the Game of Thrones shirt

    • Dedpool

      Thanks love it myself! Some good Game of Thrones Cosplay there this year!

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    I swear by every superhero in Marvel and DC Verse that one friggen day I’m gonna get my but over there.
    Even if I have to sell both my nipples to do it!

    • Dedpool

      It’d be worth it! lol You don’t need em anyway

      • Aegon the Conqueror

        Btw what’s big, muscular and green?
        Answer is not the Hulk.
        A: me! Green with friggen envy!

  • Lexavi80

    Dude, why your not wearing a costume? Is October and it was Comic Con?

    The Sayan thingy doesn’t count.

    • Dedpool

      All my money went to getting thre and buying stuff! Next year I’m taking my daughter. Plan is She’s Raven and I’m Cyborg!

      • Nix

        Those cosplay costumes cause a LOT of money. I’ve seen shows about it where they spend a fortune on this stuff.