Dedpool’s Year in Review of 2011’s Comic Book Movies

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The Surprises

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in The Green Hornet (2011) Movie Image

The Green Hornet

There were definitely a few surprises this year amongst the releases. Chief among them was the Seth Rogen fronted “The Green Hornet.” I for one was very much against Rogen’s casting (and still am actually) but the film itself surprised me as being pretty entertaining, thanks in no small part to Michael Gondry’s direction, and Jay Chou’s chemistry and comedic timing. The action was great, the story was actually a decent modern take on the origin, and I really started to like what they did with the film. That being said I really think that they miscast the role of Britt Reid. They should’ve gone with say Bradley Cooper (I know I know, but he would’ve been perfect for the role), and not made him a complete bumbling idiot. I look forward to a sequel with a more rounded Brit (after training for a year with Kato or something) and a slightly less humorous take.

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