Dedpool’s Year in Review of 2011’s Comic Book Movies

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The Double-Dippers

Chris Hemsworth in Thor (2011) Movie Image


Companies like to cross market their products and CBMs are no different. Just look at what happened with “Thor.” I first saw the “First Look” at the animated film “Thor: Tales of Asgard” with “Next Avengers” and that was over two years ago. It had been finished for a year, but Marvel decided they were going to do a marketing blitz for their live action film by releasing this around the same time. Smart move really. “”Tales of Asgard” was actually a pretty fun film, with some similarities to the live action film with it featuring Jottenheim and the Frost Giants. Well written and a great starting place for those who don’t know the mythology, it made sense to have an animated early adventure of Thor and company. “Thor” actually debuted before “Tales of Asgard curiously enough but since it was very well received the marketing still worked. Chris Hemsworth truly brought the thunderer to life, and the supporting cast including a great Tom Hiddleston, and the always amazing Anthony Hopkins only added to the film. It had grandiose sets, and beautiful imagery in Asgard, and while the dreary Midwest setting during the middle of the film seemed like the antithesis of what we saw earlier, it made the return to Asgard that much more grand. Marvel actually did well with both incarnations.

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