Delay Still Possible But Bond 23 Now Gets Sam Mendes As Director?

Fresh off the heels of all those sordid Bond 23 delay rumours comes this report that Sam Mendes, director of “American Beauty” and “Away We Go”, is in negotiations to direct the next Bond film. MGM is up for sale and that started the fuss. When word of the delay started hitting the news, the Sam Mendes story dropped out of orbit mighty fast. I guess a company about to make a movie with a talented established director that is bound to pull in plenty of cash makes the company worth a lot more. Just a theory.

Anyway, Sam Mendes is a fantastic director. “Away We Go” is a great movie, just released on the DVD/Blu if you haven’t seen it. With the probable addition of Sam to the team comes the already busy working Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who helped on the first two Daniel Craig Bonds and also Peter Morgan, he of Frost Nixen. Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter and the  Heat Vision blog for the further enlightenment on today’s earlier story.