Demolition Man with Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme!


Oh, what could have been. In an interview with MTV, Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed that back in his heyday, and that of a certain ponytailed one, he and Steven Seagal were supposed to star in the Warner Bros. action flick “Demolition Man”, which as we all know, starred Sylvester Stallone as a cop chasing psychopathic killer Wesley Snipes. According to Van Damme, he was supposed to play the Snipes role, while Seagal, because of his association with Warner at the time, would be playing the Stallone/good guy role.


Anyway, in the course of our chat, Van Damme revealed that he and Seagal nearly came to blows on the screen way back when in a little film called “Demolition Man!”

Here’s what he told me: “Years ago it was proposed that I would do a film with Steven Seagal. I was supposed to be in ‘Demolition Man’ with him. It was a great project. The script I read was a lot different than the one Sly did with Wesley Snipes. I was the bad guy. He was the good guy because he was the Warner Bros guy.”

Wow. I can’t help but think that a “Demotion Man” with Seagal and Van Damme might have been light years better than the Stallone-Snipes one. Mind you, not that the “Demolition Man” we did get was all bad; it’s one of those ’90s action movie that isn’t altogether bad, but could have been so much more.

Actually, I’m not all that sure how a “Demolition Man” with Seagal and Van Damme would work. The two men have completely different martial arts styles, and I suppose it would have been interesting to see the much smaller (height-wise) Van Damme going up against the taller, then-svelte Seagal.

It might have turned out to be a wreck, but it would have been fun…

Demolition Man with Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Author: Nix

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  • rs125

    fk u batmando
    van damme wud kick seagal`s ass all the way from here to china in second`s.
    seagal is a faggot


  • Mike

    Seagal all the way!! bearing in mind seagal was the first westerner to teach aikido in japan and is a 7th dan black belt and teaches the best ufc fighter of all time (Anderson Silva) how to kick some fuckers head in. all van damme teaches is to do a twirl in a west end ballet. it doesnt matter who the best actor is their both shit!

  • Bejo666

    Chuck Norris Kick all buts !

  • Pradeep

    My opinion ???? I think Steven Seagal is the best thing after Bruce Lee

  • Pradeep

    My opinion ???? I think Steven Seagal is the best thing after Bruce Lee

  • Fernandogomes_1970

    oh well van dam movies are better then steven

  • Lionh

    Steven is a much better martial artist..

  • Dedpool

    My go that would’ve been horrible. Okay not horrible but a completely different movie. Kind of like “The One” in which the Rock was supposed to star but it eventually had Jet Li. Would’ve been a completely different film.

  • Farooq AL Sizawi

    steven seagal is better any way