Dennis Law’s Action Flick Vampire Warriors Get a Name Change on UK DVD

Vampire Warriors (2010) Movie Image

“Fatal Contact” and “King of Triads” director Dennis Law’s 2010 action/thriller “Vampire Warriors” came out a while ago, so I understand that Arrow Films needs a gimmick to get people interested in a relatively obscure action flick by a relatively obscure Chinese filmmaker. Still, the addition of the word “lesbian” to the title seems a little sleazy. Instead of selling the film on its own merits, they’re just trying to cash in on horny young males who love lesbians and martial arts. I guess you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to grab the attention of consumers nowadays, but this just comes across as cheap. If they were attempting something admirable with the title change, this wouldn’t be an issue. Sadly, I don’t think this is the case.

Here’s what the film is about:

Vampire hunter Ar leads a simple life, slaying the un-dead whilst simultaneously spending time with a family of non-lethal “vegetarian” vampires. That is until the mysterious and ruthless vampire Mung comes to town, causing all kinds of carnage and feasting on fellow vampires whilst stealing their power. With the bodies piling up and her vampire friends under threat, Ar has no choice but to face Mung, fang to fang. But as Mung becomes more and more powerful, Ar will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she is ultimately to triumph become one of her very own most revered adversaries the un-dead!

Here’s my thing: I understand that selling non-mainstream Asian movies on DVD in certain markets is pretty tough. I get it. However, I can’t help but take issue with distributors who change or, in this case, exploit certain aspects of the film in order to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Anyway, enough of my bitching and moaning. Dennis Law’s “Vampire Warriors” hits UK DVD on June 25th, 2012. Just look for the disc with “Lesbian Vampire Warriors” written on it. Have a look at the trailer below.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second