Dennis Law’s Freaky Chinese Horror Flick Womb Ghosts Headed to HK DVD

Very few things make me squeamish these days, but the trailer for Dennis Law’s gory supernatural yarn “Womb Ghosts” has done a fabulous job of flipping my stomach and ruining my appetite. Bleeding groins, gory fetuses, and polystyrene containers filled with wriggling worms are just a few of the tasty treats on this impossibly demented menu. If you’re the sort of twisted soul who loves this sort of stuff, you’ll be delighted to know that the film is scheduled for an English-subtitled DVD on April 28th. The good news: It’s region free!

Here’s a fairly concise synopsis courtesy of YesAsia:

Real-estate developer-turned-director Dennis Law has become one of the most prolific Hong Kong filmmakers in recent years, thanks to his persistence in making Hong Kong films for a Hong Kong audience. For his second film of 2010, he takes on the horror genre for the first time with Womb Ghosts. A terrifying tale about the consequences of messing with the dead, Womb Ghosts stars model-turned-actress Chrissie Chau in the demanding role of a woman unable to shake the spirits that keep haunting her.

Womb Ghosts is a story of two women connected by circumstances. Winnie (Koni Lui) is a woman who suffers miscarriages every time she gets pregnant. Meanwhile, nurse Zoe (Chrissie Chau) is trapped in a dead-end relationship with a doctor, and her life takes a turn for the worse when she begins see hideous illusions. Who are controlling these illusions? And how far will they go to make Zoe’s life a living hell?

“Womb Ghosts” isn’t safe for work, but who cares? You barely work, anyway, so why not continue to put your career in jeopardy by watching this trailer? That’s what I thought.