Denzel Washington May Star in The Equalizer Movie

Denzel Washington in Man on Fire (2004) Movie ImageIf Sony Pictures get their way, Denzel Washington of “Training Day” and “Man on Fire” fame will board their big-screen adaptation of the vigilante TV show “The Equalizer”. That’s a big If, since the project has gone through numerous big names, and apparently none have stuck.

So, Denzel Washington as The Equalizer? An ex-spook with seriously badass skills to right wrongs and kick ass for the little guy? That’s a total no-brainer. He would slay the role.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a big name has been attached to “The Equalizer”. It wasn’t all that long ago that Paul Haggis (“Crash”) was talking about re-teaming with his “The Next Three Days” star Russell Crowe on the project. And before then, Jason Statham was talking up the role.

Today has Richard Wenk (“The Expendables 2”) adapting the ’80s TV show for Sony, with the studio pursuing Washington to star.

We will have to see if he says Yes.

Meanwhile, Washington has “Safe House” coming up. In that movie, he plays a totally badass ex-spy. See? He’s already halfway there. Now all he needs to do is move to New York and start lurking in the shadows and talk in a British accent.

Via : Variety