Denzel Washington Needs Saving in Safe House

Looks like it’s back to playing bad guys for Denzel Washington. Well, sort of. Washington appears to have been the first castmember for Universal’s spy action-thriller “Safe House”, based on a script by David Guggenheim. The film will find Washington playing a “dangerous criminal” being escorted through dangerous territory by a young CIA agent after their safe house is attacked by even badder guys.

But since having Washington playing just a plain bad guy would be kind of boring, my guess is that Washington won’t be completely bad, and will end up being sort of an anti-hero. Just a guess, of course. The plot itself is nothing new, which makes you wonder why the script by Guggenheim was so hot that, reportedly, there was a bidding war between the studios for it. Wasn’t this the same premise of “16 Blocks” starring Bruce Willis, minus the whole spy/CIA elements? I got money that crooked CIA agents will be involved.

In any case, Washington recently wrapped the train-themed “Unstoppable” for Tony Scott, and he’s got “The Matarese Circle” with Tom Cruise and director David Cronenberg also on tap.

Daniel Espinosa (“Snabba Cash”) is directing “Safe House” for Universal, with Scott Stuber doing producing duties.

Denzel Washington in Training Day (2001) Movie Image