Denzel Washington Will Save Us from the Apoclaypse (Again) in Shovel Ready

Shovel Ready Novel CoverGotta admit, when I heard the title “Shovel Ready”, I thought we were in for some lame drama about some guys forced to work in some lame Government-sponsored jobs. Turns out, it’s some kind of post-apocalyptic action movie. Wow. Maybe they should consider changing the title…?

In any case, Washington is said to be in talks to front the new film “Shovel Ready” for Warner Bros., based on the upcoming novel by Adam Sternbergh, which isn’t due out until January 2014. (Remember when studios used to wait until a book comes out to see how it performs with the reading public before they bought rights to it? Oh, those were the days…)

As for the plot of the book/movie:

In a bombed-out, near future New York City where most of the population escapes reality by tapping into a digital fantasy world, a contract killer is hired to kill the daughter of a powerful, maniacal evangelist. Ultimately, the killer becomes the girl’s protector.

Sounds a bit like Washington’s “Man on Fire” … before the girl gets taken, I mean.

Washington, though, will be busy with the big-screen adaptation of “The Equalizer” first. He is starring in that movie for Sony, which is set to be directed by his “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua.

This wouldn’t be the first time Washington strolled the wastelands of the post-apocalypse. He played a similar character in “The Book of Eli”. Maybe they can get Mila Kunis to co-star in this one, too…

Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli (2010) Movie Image

Via : Deadline