Derek Kwok’s As the Light Goes Out Hits Hong Kong Early Next Year

As the Light Goes Out (2013) Movie Image

I’m typically a little skeptical when it comes to movies about firefighters battling epic blazes. Some of them are pretty good (“Backdraft”) and others, well, not so much (“Ladder 49”). Let me say this: The first person who posts anything bad about Howie Long’s “Firestorm” is going to have to answer to me. I’m not kidding. Okay, maybe I am.

Derek Kwok’s upcoming firefighting flick “As the Light Goes Out” actually looks pretty good. Nevermind that I have a soft spot for Hong Kong movies — I’d watch this thing regardless of where it originated. Besides, it’s always fun to see Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, Andy On, and Bai Bing doing their respective things. The flames and turmoil are just an added bonus.

Check out this synopsis:

The bond of brotherhood is always stronger when you can be pitched into a life and death situation at any time and the only thing that gets you through the inferno is the trust that your brother will have your back. The firefighters of Hong Kong’s Pillar Point division who are expecting a quiet night to see off their retiring chief find their faith in each other stretched to the limits when a small fire at a liquor warehouse threatens to plunge the whole of Hong kong into darkness if it spreads to a nearby power plant supplying natural gas. Politics, rivalry, and suspicion all come into play when dubious decisions are made, warnings are ignored and colleagues start to fall. Can the Pillar Point brotherhood survive the night, if not the fire, with their trust in each other intact?

“As the Light Goes Out” also features Shawn Yue, Hu Jun, Patrick Tam, and “SDU: Sex Duties Unit” alum Susan Shaw. The flick opens in Hong Kong on January 2. Ready for that trailer? Have a look at the clip below. Try not to scorch yourself on all that fire!

As the Light Goes Out (2013) Movie Poster

Via : 24 Frames Per Second