News From Development Hell: The Brazilian Job


In this episode of Development Hell, we have The Brazilian Job, the sequel to the remake The Italian Job (2003) with an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Edward Norton.  The biggest challenge here isn’t a story, it’s trying to coordinate the juggernaut of stardom to align schedules, negotiate salaries and try and get everyone to agree.  Tentative release is currently being announced on IMDB as 2011, and there’s even a page devoted to the DVD release on Netflix, but they haven’t even finalized a script or inked the cast so those are nothing more than placeholders, really.

A couple of months ago Screen Rant’s Ross Miller quoted producer Donald De Line as saying the following:

“They all want to do the sequel. We have a version at Paramount that we’re talking very serious about, so hopefully, if we’re lucky in the next year we can pull it together.”

Pull it together?  It’s been six years, guys.  Even if they were able to wrangle everyone needed for this monster and then coordinate for shooting schedules, both in Brazil and domestically, they’ll be pulling off a minor miracle if they can do it without serious delays.  Any gaffs could push the release so far out that it won’t matter any more.  With even minor actor, Seth Green, chiming in with his comments, to Entertainment Weekly (, about how “…Paramount’s hierarchy has changed hands four times and it’s never seemed to be a priority for the studio to make the movie…” it just seems that by the time they’re able to shoot this thing they may be shipping the principle actors with walkers and a nursing staff.