Dexter Producer Hires the Exterminators

Another comic book property no one has heard of is making its way to Hollywood. This time it’s not the big screens, but the small screen, and the property in question is “Exterminators” by Simon Oliver and Tony Moore. Premium cable channel Showtime has set Dexter producer Sara Colleton to bring the bug-infested project to its channel. So what’s it about? “Exterminators” has been described as “‘Six Feet Under’ in the world of pest control”, which is great if you think “Six Feet Under” is great, but if you’re the 9.9 out of 10 people who have never seen “Six Feet Under”, you have absolutely no idea what that comparison means.

More about the comics from THR:

Created by Simon Oliver and Tony Moore, the comic centers on an ex-con who joins an exterminator company, working with a freakish supporting cast of characters. A mystery surrounding his girlfriend and the manufacturer of an insect poison percolates on the periphery, and the insects are much more dangerous than they seem.

I’m guessing killer insects? If so, then they’re bug-be-gone, because the Showtime version will be a little different.

In its Showtime incarnation, “Exterminators” will revolve around the Bug-Be-Gone crew, an extended dysfunctional family of exterminators whose greatest enemies aren’t the insects and rodents they meet and kill on a daily basis but rather their own self doubts, vices and inner demons.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs. By which I mean, it sounds like exactly the type of stuff Showtime would do to win awards, and not necessarily have people see it. Good for them! If only more TV channels care only about prestige and not viewership, then some of my favorite shows would still be on the air right now. Oh, how I miss my weekly dose of Special Unit 2…

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