Diary of the Dead DVD Cover and Specs

Just got the DVD cover art and specs for George Romero’s latest zombie opus, “Diary of the Dead” in the mail. In the film, students shooting an indie horror movie discover that the world is literally ending around them as zombies rise from the grave to, well, you know, do what zombies do — eat brains and generally cause a bad time had by all. The entire film is shot from the perspective of the cameras, and re-introduces Romero to his former independent filmmaking days. DVD cover art and specs below.

A group of film students are making an independent horror film when they become trapped in a world being consumed by flesh-eating zombies. In an obsessive, unflinching eye, one filmmaker documents each death on camera. As the lucky survivors take final refuge, the film continues to roll, recording every detail for future generations… if any survive.

Special Features
· View Film With Audio Commentary By Writer/Director George Romero, Director Of Photography Adam Swica And Editor Michael Doherty
· Character Confessionals
· The First Week
· The Roots
· Familiar Voices
· For The Record: The Making Of Diary Of The Dead
· Myspace Short Film Contest Winners

Price: $24.95
Street Date: May 20, 2008
Catalog Number: 81173
Rating: R
Running Time: 96 minutes
Language: English Dolby 5.1
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Closed Captioned

Diary of the Dead DVD Cover