DiCaprio Enters the Twilight Zone

Leonardo DiCaprioNot content to just act like a movie star in other people’s movies and bang supermodels on the side, Leonardo DiCaprio is also an active producer. His latest stab at making movies is acquiring “The Twilight Zone” TV show, and is now actively seeking people to pitch ideas for a “Twilight Zone” movie. And he’s not looking to do an anthology movie composed of multiple episodes, either; he’s looking for onec episode from the show’s huge vault that can be extended into a full-length movie.

Reuters has more on Leo’s plans:

Appian Way is not known for sci-fi projects, but “Twilight Zone” is said to be DiCaprio’s favorite show.

The studio and production company are quietly putting out word that they’re looking for pitches and script ideas based on the show for feature development.

The companies don’t aim to make an episodic movie like the 1983 “Twilight Zone,” the only big-screen version of the series, but rather hope to build one continuing story line based on one or more episodes.

I’m not sure what the big decision is. With Richard Matheson’s “Death Ship” already being made into its own full-length movie, the only other story still worth doing is a full-length version of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”, also by Matheson. Heck, they could probably still get William Shatner to reprise the role.

William Shatner in The Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet