DiCaprio Remaking War Games?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio remaking John Badham’s 1983’s computer-gone-amok movie “War Games”? Yes, says Production Weekly, via something called Twitter. I haven’t a clue what Twitter is, but you kids and your fancy computers seem to have taken a shine to it like infants addicted to crack. So why remake “War Games”? Silly question, silly. It’s not “why”, it’s “why not” in Hollywood these days.

Moviehole has more on this here remake:

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to produce a remake of the 1983 classic “WarGames”, says Production Weekly, via their Twitter feed.

No other information is given – other than it’s with MGM.

Universal recently produced a sequel to John Badham’s original – “WarGames : The Dead Code”, which premiered in lounge rooms last year.

The 1983 original starred Matthew Broderick as a high school nerd who is really good at computers, who decides the only way to get at the heart of that cute girl next door played by Ally Sheedy is to change her high school grades. Plus, in his spare time, he plots the destruction of the country. Or not. I’m pretty sure about the first part, though.

But let’s face it, this is one of those movies that begs to be reworked using today’s technology and this here Interwebs. Imagine the possibilities, the scenes of an unrealistic buff “nerd” sitting in front of a computer as techno music pounds away in the background and the camera swirls CSI-ishly around him. You know, the usual unrealistic stuff that happens in computer hacking movies?

Below: As we all know, cute chicks dig guys who can pound away at a keyboard for hours on end.