Did Fede Alvarez Just Say Sam Raimi is Directing Army of Darkness 2?

Sam Raimi

Or, well, did Fede Alvarez just tweeted that Sam Raimi is directing “Army of Darkness 2” (aka “Evil Dead 4”), a few days after Bruce Campbell confessed to fans at a comic convention that he wouldn’t mind reprising his smart-alecky, deadite-killin’ role of Ash, S-Mart’s regional supervisor and boomstick aficionado?

Why yes, all those things did in fact happen.

After Campbell told fans he’d be willing to reprise Ash in an in-the-making “Army of Darkness 2”, Alvarez, who directed Campbell and Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” remake, was asked if he might be helming “Darkness 2”. According to Alvarez, the answer is “No” because … Sam Raimi is already going to be doing it?

Here’s the full tweet:

So there you go.

For those wondering, it’s been a full day since Alvarez tweeted this, and after movie blogs and even the trades have picked it up, the tweet itself is still up. Read into that what you will.

I personally would love to see Raimi back directing “Army of Darkness 2”. Raimi’s last movie was “The Great and Powerful Oz”, which was incredibly by-the-numbers and uninspired, seemingly more concern with the CGI than, well, an engaging story. Maybe he felt that way too and wants to go back to his roots and do something that isn’t 80% cooked up in a bunch of computers. Go back to his roots ala 2009’s “Drag Me to Hell”.