Did Jason Momoa Just Pass on The Guardians of the Galaxy? And if So, is he Insane?

Drax The Destroyer Comic BookMarvel Studios isn’t the new kid on the block anymore, at least not after “The Avenger” scored a bazillion box office take last year. So everyone in Hollywood knows by now how Marvel does business when it comes to casting actors for their movies — low-ball salaries + ridiculous number of contractually obligated films. That’s just the way the studio works, and so far, it’s been great not just for them, but for their actors.

So what’s the deal with this rumor that Jason Momoa is turning down the role of Drax in “Guardians of the Galaxy” after being offered it? Of course, the being “offered” the role part is still a big RUMOR, so all of the below could be moot. But assuming it’s not…

El Mayimbe aka Latino-Review recently tweeted the following that would seem to indicate Momoa and his people have balked at Marvel’s offer:

Did Momoa really go into this NOT knowing what he was getting into, then when he heard the offer, decided he didn’t like it? If so, he’s got some pretty bad agents/managers. The thing with Marvel is, because their movies are always so high-profile and usually make money, a lot of actors use it as a springboard to do other things. It’s there that they make the real money. Marvel knows this, and so do every agent/manager in the business.

Of course, once again, this is all dependent on Latino-Review’s original report that Momoa was indeed offered the role. If that wasn’t true, then the rest of this is moot, in which case, sorry, Jason, I didn’t mean that part about you being insane to turn this role down. Don’t hurt me. (I mean, look at him, he could totally hurt me with just his pinky finger.)

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