Die Hard 5 and Fantastic Four Reboot Gets Potentially Shitty Titles

Harry Knowles over at AICN apparently knows a celebrity or two. Or a few hundred. Besides having Sylvester Stallone and Robert Rodriguez on his speed dial (and his on theirs), the big bundle of movie geekness says he’s heard, by way of rumor, what the titles for the upcoming “Die Hard” sequel (part 5, in case you’re keeping count at home) and “Fantastic Four” reboot will be.

Wait for it… wait for it …

“Die Hard 24/7” and “Fantastic Four: Reborn”.

The “FF” title sounds obvious and lazy, and seems to indicate FOX really is planning to reboot the sucker rather than continue with the franchise via sequels. But I don’t get the “Die Hard” one. “24/7”? What does that mean, exactly? Are they going all Jack Bauer on us with real time?

Knowles also name drops Stallone (hey, I would too if Sly has me on speed dial), and relates how the actor/director has shown the finished “Expendables” (a “Hard R” movie, apparently) to Bruce Willis, and that it might have convinced Willis to steer clear of a PG-13 rating for the next “Die Hard” movie. That seems quite the leap. And besides, I didn’t think “Live Free or Die Hard” was really that bad, despite not having an “R” rating. I kinda liked it, actually, but maybe that’s just me.