Die Hard Director John McTiernan Is Going To Jail

John McTiernan, director of “Die Hard”, “Predator”, and “The Hunt For Red October”, is going to jail. Today US District Judge Dale Fisher, the same judge McTiernan lied to about his involvement in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping and racketeering case, handed down a one-year prison sentence to the 59-year-old McTiernan, who plead guilty in July to two counts of giving false statements to FBI agents, and one count of perjuring himself to a federal judge.

According to news reports, Fischer said McTiernan should have received an even harsher sentence than the year recommended by prosecutors because he didn’t accept responsibility for his actions. “The defendant doesn’t think the law applies to him,” Fischer said in court today.

In addition to the jail time, McTiernan was also fined $100,000 and will have to serve three years of probation. For now he will remain free on bail pending an appeal.

Pellicano was convicted in 2008 of wiretapping [producer] Charles Roven for McTiernan and of bugging the phones of celebrities and others to get information for clients. Pellicano was found guilty of 76 of 77 counts related to racketeering, wiretapping, invasion of privacy, and conspiracy, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Last month we reported that McTiernan, who hasn’t helmed a movie since “Basic” in 2003, was going to direct the action thriller “Shrapnel”. You can imagine that’s likely in the tank for now. McTiernan was spying on Roven in 2002, while the filmmakers were shooting “Rollerball”. No one should go to jail over “Rollerball”.