Die Hard’s John McTiernan Sentenced to Fed Prison for 4 Months

Oh boy. It looks like action director John McTiernan needs a little help from his pal John McClane, because the big-time Hollywood director has found himself in a bit of a pickle. That is, he’s just been sentenced to four months in federal prison for lying to the FBI about hiring indicted private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap a veteran film producer seven years ago, reports The L.A. Times. If you don’t know the name John McTiernan, then you probably know (and chances are, if you’re reading this blog, loves) his movies. He counts among them, “Predator”, “Die Hard”, “The Hunt for Red October”, “Die Hard: With a Vengeance”, and “Rollerball”. Okay, maybe not so much that last one, but the rest? Definitely.

More from the LA Times:

Last year, McTiernan acknowledged paying Pellicano $50,000 to wiretap film producer Charles Roven after their collaboration on the 2000 box-office flop “Rollerball.” The director also admitted that he misled an FBI agent who had telephoned him while investigating Pellicano for wiretapping, conspiracy and other crimes.

But with new counsel, McTiernan sought to withdraw his guilty plea on the grounds that he was jet-lagged and under the influence of alcohol and medications when he was questioned by the agent. McTiernan’s attorneys also insisted that their client did not understand the consequences of denying his involvement with Pellicano and that his lie, while serious, did not rise to the level of a crime, and should not have been charged as a felony.

Federal prosecutors, however, argued — and Fischer agreed — that McTiernan was fully aware of the consequences of his actions when he spoke to the FBI a year ago. There was no evidence that he had received inadequate legal advice before hiring new attorneys to strike down his plea, Fischer ruled.

In a bit of irony, McTiernan’s line-up of upcoming movies feature titles such as, “Run”, “High Stakes”, and “Deadly Exchange”.

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