Dimension Films to Remake Korean Revenge Flick The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere (2010) Movie PosterHere’s the deal: I liked “The Man from Nowhere” starring Bin Won, and directed by Jeong-beom Lee. I liked it enough to recommend it in a couple of 2011 lists. But while recommending it, I also realize that it’s highly derivative of a couple of Hollywood movies, like “Taken” and in particular, the Denzel Washington film “Man on Fire”, and said so in my review. As such, I find it somewhat ironic (or is that amusing?) that Dimension Films has now snapped up remake rights to the film, and has already set “Abduction” writer Shawn Christensen to take a swing at it.

The original “Man from Nowhere” starred Bin Won as a lonely pawn shop owner with one of those deadly pasts usually reserved for characters played by Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme. You know, he’s the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very pretty. Anyhoo. When the pawn shop’s buddy, a little girl whose mother is a junkie, gets abducted by bad guys, the pawn shop owner must recall his deadly skills and retrieve her at all cost. Much bloodshed ensues.

The South Korean original featured a couple of pretty nifty action sequences, including one of the best knife fights ever put to celluloid. The film is pretty light on dialogue, and what characterization is pretty by-the-numbers, so don’t worry your pretty little head off about being lost in the language. I’m guessing the remake will probably follow the original pretty closely, since there’s not a whole lot in the original that’s specifically South Korean.

Here’s a taste of that knife fight mentioned above. WARNING: this is part of the film’s finale, so SPOILERS.