Dinner For Livingston

Yeah... If you could just... go ahead and act in... Dinner For Schmucks... That'd be great..
Yeah… If you could just… go ahead and act in… Dinner For Schmucks… That’d be great..

Office Space’s Ron Livingston is set to join Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell in comedian heavy ‘Dinner For Schmucks’, the new film from the director Jay Roach, of ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘Meet The Parents’ fame.

‘Dinner For Schmucks’ is actually a remake of French film ‘Le dîner de cons’, which should be comforting to anyone panicking at the idea of an original concept coming out of Hollywood. The film’s protagonist, Tim Conrad, hosts  a regular dinner party for his friends, encouraging them to bring along the most idiotic person they can find. These idiots are then asked about their lives, passions, anything to make them talk. Then, after they leave, the group of friends proceeds to mercilessly mock them, the aim being to find the world’s worst dinner guest. Steve Carrell plays a contender for the title, I’m thinking it’ll be like if Brick from ‘Anchorman’ and Michael from ‘The Office’ somehow had a child.

While the cast is already brimming with comedic talent, aside from those already mentioned, the film is also set to star Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), David Walliams (Little Britian), and Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz). Ron Livingston is a welcome addition, if only for being in Office Space. Recently he’s been in ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’, done a few voices in ‘American Dad’ and also guest starred in an episode of ‘House’.  This could bring Livingston some new found fame, landing a film with Rudd and Carrell, two now huge comic actors.

So, if a film where fictional idiots are torn to pieces by comedians (verbally, of course, this isn’t Dinner For Cannibals… Which, with the same cast, I’d definately watch) seems like your sort of thing, unfortunately you’ve got a bit of a wait on your hands, as it’s set release date is July 23, 2010. Remember, clock-watching will just make it feel longer.

Source: EmpireOnline