Dinner Parties Turn Deadly in Director David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather

What happens when you accept a curious dinner party invitation from an admittedly creepy aristocrat? Bad things, my friends. Very bad things, indeed. Below you’ll find the official trailer for director David Guy Levy’s upcoming horror flick “Would You Rather”, a movie about a group of people who discover that the innocent little gathering they’ve attended is actually a violent game perpetrated by a sadistic psychopath. That’s what you get when you accept invitations from strangers. Didn’t your mother warn you about such things? I guess some people just have to learn things the hard way.

I know you want to read this official synopsis:

In the wake of her parent’s death, Iris struggles to make ends meet while caring for her terminally ill younger brother.

Shepard Lambrick, a seemingly philanthropic aristocrat, expresses an interest in helping them. When he invites her to an exclusive dinner party, she accepts. Also attending the dinner party are seven more desperate individuals.

They soon find themselves trapped in Lambrick’s mansion and forced to play a sadistic game of Would You Rather, where the winner will be awarded untold amounts of money. As the game progresses, the dilemmas Iris and the other players face grow increasingly deadly.

“Would You Rather” stars Jeffery Combs, Brittany Snow, Robb Wells, and porn star-turned-serious actress Sasha Grey, among others. That trailer we spoke about earlier? It’s embedded below this paragraph. Take a look if you have a second.

Via : Horror-Movies.ca