Direct Contact (2009) Movie Review

Dolph Lundgren might not be as famous as Stallone or Schwarzenegger, but he’s still got enough credibility and killed enough people on-screen to be considered one of the great action heroes. Unfortunately, like many of the great action heroes, he’s stuck with DVDs now and hasn’t been seen in cinema for years.

“Direct Contact” will not disappoint … fans. Fans of Dolph and fans of mindless action movies. Everyone else, get the hell away! This is not for you.

Dolph plays Mike Riggins, who used to be a soldier of the US Special Forces, but is now imprisoned. He is given a chance at freedom and fortune, as long as he rescues a woman named Ana Gale, who was kidnapped by a brutal warlord. But Ana is hiding something under her pretty face and it seems like everyone is after her and want Mike dead. This gives Dolph a fucking copious amount of opportunities to kick ass while he’s trying to bring Ana back to the US.

Of course the plot sounds flimsy, but fans have been looking for Dolph’s comeback movie for some time now, and this is it. The film is still just a continuation of a huge string of low-budget, unintentionally hilarious and really just bad B-flicks, but Dolph gives a surprisingly good performance. At 51, his age is really starting to show but he kicks ass like a 25 year old. He does some damn impressive stunts and fight scenes and makes it look half-real.

But all other aspects of “Direct Contact” are absolutely terrible. The supporting cast members are all embarrassing beyond all reason with no exceptions whatsoever. The main problem isn’t its budget but the director/writer Danny Lerner. With sporadic directing and amateur writing, Lerner undoubtedly made this film. Bad. Another director/writer probably could’ve gotten his actors to at least look like they were trying and write a script that actually relied on plot holes.

Of course, one must look at the bigger picture here: Dolph is back and slightly as good as he was before. If you’re not a fan of either Dolph or the genre, you will hate this movie. If you are a fan, you will be somewhat content with it.

If this trend continues and his other straight-to-DVD films gradually get better, it’ll set the stage for his highly-anticipated comeback to theaters with Stallone’s 2010 action movie star orgy The Expendables.

Danny Lerner (director) / Danny Lerner, Les Weldon (screenplay)
CAST: Dolph Lundgren … Mike Riggins
Gina May … Ana Gale
Michael Paré … Clive Connelly
Bashar Rahal … General Drago
James Chalke … Trent Robbins
Vladimir Vladimirov … Vlado
Raicho Vasilev … Boris

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