Direct-to-DVD 30 Days of Night Sequel Gets Director, Shooting Date

Looks like Sam Raimi still wants more of your hard-earned money, only he doesn’t want to spend too much trying to get it. According to the boys at Bloody-Disgusting, the sequel to the Raimi-produced and David Slade-directed “30 Days of Night” will commence production sometime in October up there in the vast plains of Vancouver, Canada, where you can scream all you want, but no one will hear you. Or so I’m told.

The film, to be called “Dark Days”, will be based on the comic book sequel to “30 Days” written by the original writer, Steve Niles. It will bring back the character Stella, the female lead played by Melissa George in the first movie, who returns to seek revenge against the blood-sucking scumbags that nearly wiped out her little Alaska town in the first movie. If the sequel follows the comics, it will see Stella going on a book tour to expose the vampires, and finding herself in their sights as a result. Just as she planned it…

Alas, for fans of the original and Melissa George, the actress won’t be back for the sequel. The role will be recast (why in the world would an A-list actress return in a direct-to-DVD sequel, after all?), probably with an unknown. Meanwhile, what is certain is that Ben Ketai, who co-wrote the sequel’s script with Niles, will make his feature-film directorial debut on “Dark Days”.

On the plus side, this isn’t some post-apocalyptic movie that would necessarily require a huge Hollywood budget. A good, even great vampire movie can be achieved with a moderate budget, as long as the script is tailored to that fact. The franchise definitely has legs and can keep going, and I doubt if a lot of people saw the original “because” of George or Josh Harnett. It was always the premise, the story, that was king, and it could be again with the sequels.

Of course, recent Sam Raimi-produced direct-to-DVD horror sequels have been pretty shitty, so there’s that.

If we're very quiet, Sam Raimi won't be able to find us and put us in his crappy horror sequels.

If we're very quiet, Sam Raimi won't be able to find us and put us in his crappy horror sequels.