Director Albert Pyun’s Tales of an Ancient Empire is Coming to DVD! Finally!


Next week is going to be pretty sweet. I’ve been waiting for Albert Pyun’s “Tales of an Ancient Empire” to get a proper release for what seems like ages. The cut screened at this year’s Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Ky was pretty entertaining, and I’m hoping the DVD release hasn’t been altered too much from that enjoyable edit. Fans of cheesy 80’s fantasy flicks should love every second of this flick, particularly if you found Pyun’s genre masterpiece “The Sword and the Sorcerer” to be endlessly entertaining. You know you do.

Interested in plot details? Read this passage:

Swords clash and destinies collide in this epic story of bloodlust and vengeance. Xia, a demonic sorceress, has sworn to destroy Queen Ma’at and her kingdom of Abelar. As Xia and her army of vampires terrorize the land, the queen dispatches Princess Tanis to find the one man who can stop Xia, Oda (Michael Paré), a cold-blooded mercenary who is revealed to be Tanis’s biological father. Joined by a thieving rogue named Aedan (Kevin Sorbo), Tanis begins a danger-filled quest that pits her against the sister she never knew, a half-human, half- vampire creature determined to kill Oda.

“Tales of an Ancient Empire” can be yours to own when it hits DVD and Amazon Instant Video on January 24th, 2012. An international trailer for the flick has been magically embedded below.

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Dedpool

    Saw it and was sadly underwhelmed. I was really hoping for some good campy fun, I got some but not alot.

  • JackuticQ

    albert pyun lays another turd and the fan boys feast…-

  • Machaer

    “Tales of An Ancient Empire”? That was supposed to be Talon’s next adventure after “The Sword and The Sorcerer”! So where the hell is Talon!?