Director Brian Dorton Takes On the Criminally Insane

Doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe you know the flick by it’s other name, “Crazy Fat Ethel”. Then again, maybe you don’t. If you’re unfamiliar with Nick Millard’s bizarre 1975 horror flick, you need to fix that problem as soon as possible. And while the idea of a remake is somewhat distressing to someone who loves the original so much, there’s honestly a lot more that could be done with the premise should someone decide they’re brave enough to tackle the project. Apparently filmmaker Brian Dorton is going to give it a shot, as he’s serving as writer, producer, and director. I’m actually kind of curious to see what he does with it.

Here’s a quick synopsis to enlighten your life:

After years in a mental institution, Ethel is taken in by her aunt. Many people including the head nurse of the institution and a local detective believe letting Ethel leave that hospital was a HUGE mistake.

Huge? Get it? She’s fat, and it’s a huge mistake. Anyway, you can learn more about the production by paying a quick visit to their official Facebook page. Before leaving, take a peek at the trailer for the original. It’s offensive and wrong, but oh-so much fun.

via Horror Society