Director Brian Williams’ Time to Kill Gets a Badass New Trailer

Time to Kill (2013) Movie Image

Director Brian Williams’ “Time to Kill” shouldn’t be confused with the 1996 Matthew McConaughey courtroom drama “A Time to Kill.” It’s amazing what a simple one-letter word can do. In order to prepare the unsuspecting masses for his upcoming revenge thriller starring Debbie Rochon and Ellie Church, the filmmaker has released a brand new trailer for his upcoming opus. You can find the juicy, blood-soaked clip embedded below.

In addition to the new trailer, Brian Williams and company have also launched their official Indiegogo page. What does that mean for you, the everyday moviegoer? Well, in simple terms, it means you can throw as much money as you want at the production in order to help it get off the ground. You stand to receive some interesting bonuses for your generosity, so be sure to swing by the page and have a look-see. It might be worth your while.

But first, indulge in this synopsis:

Follow good girl Sara, who upon finding out she only has 24 hours left to live spends those hours living life to the fullest, taking revenge on those that have done her wrong, and exploring her every desire. For Sara there’s no time to waste, no time to lose, there’s only … Time to Kill.

Brian Williams hopes to have the feature finished at some point this year. Here’s hoping someone gives this thing some distribution, because I honestly think people will eat it up. Who doesn’t like revenge flicks featuring two of the hottest women in indie cinema?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

For more information about the project, stop by Indiegogo or Facebook. All of the information you seek can be found there. And if you’re at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati over the weekend, be sure to check out the badass retro trailer in some of the screening rooms. Everyone involved with the flick will appreciate your help. They might even shake your hand. No promises!

Time To Kill (2013) Movie Poster