Director Byeon Seung Wook’s The Cat Purrs Onto English-Subtitled DVD

As long as you can play a Region 3 DVD, you can experience director Byeon Seung Wook’s supernatural horror flick “The Cat” when it scratches its way to retail on October 5th, 2011. The film follows the misadventures of an animal-loving pet groomer who adopts a peculiar cat whose previous owners perished under unusual circumstances. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take long before her entire life is besieged by horrific tomfoolery. In terms of extras, all you’re getting is a behind-the-scenes feaurette, an audio commentary, and a trailer. Considering that sucker is going for 30 US dollars, the special features seem a little skimpy. In my opinion, anyway.

Feel saucy? You can order yourself a copy by taking a trip to YesAsia. The DVD artwork, as well as the film’s trailer, are hanging out below.

Source: Far East Films