Director David Wu’s Cold Steel is Loaded with Sex, Violence, and Explosions.

The trailer for director David Wu’s “Cold Steel” — a clip which has been carefully embedded below — could be a hell of a lot of fun. Everything you could possibly want from a Chinese action flick is in full effect, especially if you like your sex and carnage presented in an insanely stylish fashion. This is pretty impressive, given that Wu’s 2003 made-for-TV horror flick “Webs” is woefully inept. I’m willing to forget all about that particular endeavor given how jazzed I am about the project.

“Cold Steel”, which opens in China on December 2nd, 2011, stars Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Peter Ho, Song Jia, Yu Rong-Guang, and Angeles Woo, the latter of whom is John Woo’s daughter. Nifty! The trailer you seek lies below. English-subtitled DVD, please make haste.

Via : Film Smash