Director Frank W. Montag’s Cannibal Diner Offers Up a Very Sexy Menu

What happens when a small group of attractive ladies go traipsing through the wilderness? Bad things, my friends. Very bad things. Director Frank W. Montag’s upcoming horror outing “Cannibal Diner” doesn’t sport an overly original premise — models stumble into a patch of blood-curdling peril while hanging out in the woods — but it does appear to have enough grit and grime to distract you from the fact that you’ve already seen this movie. Several times.

If you need details, then this synopsis should do the trick:

Kati (Lesch) is a young model on her way to a birthday party for her little sister, Celine (Baum). Tanja (Rohder), Kati’s best friend, and some of the others want to celebrate and camp near the woods. While preparing the party, the girls get attacked by strangers. Kati, still on her way to the camping place, loses her way in the woods and is led onto the wrong track by a vagabond (Klauss). When her car is stolen afterwards, Kati finds herself lost in the deep forest and arrives at an old factory, where a clan of cannibals is already preparing their feast… main course: Kati’s friends.

“Cannibal Diner” features performances from Alexandra Lesch, Kristiana Rohder, Lara Baum, Alexandra Jordan, Violetta Schurawlow, Indira Madison, Dominik Schneider, Jessica Klauss, Mike Zick, Celina Klemenz, and Heiko Rohde. For more information, check out the flick’s official Facebook page. The trailer, meanwhile, is ready to spill some blood.

Via : Dread Central