Director James Balsamo Would Love Nothing More Than to Spill Your Guts

I Spill Your Guts (2011) Movie ArtworkSometimes you just need some sleazy horror in your diet. I crave this sort of cinema in the way that pregnant women crave pickles and peanut butter. I’m really not even sure what that means. Writer/director James Balsamo’s upcoming over-the-top horror offering “I Spill Your Guts” seems to fit the proverbial bill quite nicely. In addition to a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman — the indie genre’s filmmaker’s best friend — the flick also sports an appearance from Debbie Rochon. Don’t pretend you’re not salivating right now. Don’t even.

A synopsis is head your way:

Two friends Dennis and Joe join the military together. While on a routine mission, the two are quickly surrounded by enemy fire. When Joe stands up in the line of fire to run, Dennis pushes him out of the way and takes a bullet in the throat. Dennis wakes up in hospital to find Joe rewarded as a hero. Joe told a lie and took all the glory, and Dennis was left as a mute from the accident. Dennis can’t talk, but actions speak louder then words. The two return home to N.Y. and now the war rages in the streets. Dennis wants revenge on Joe, so he will kill everyone close to him. One little lie will cost so many innocent lives in “I Spill Your Guts”.

Interested in picking the film up on DVD? Of course you are! Swing by the film’s official website if you’d love nothing more than to purchase a copy of your very own. Alternatively, you can follow the film via its Facebook page, which should keep you completely up-to-date about everything regarding the film. The trailer in all its no-budget glory resides below.