Director Joseph Kahn’s Comedy Detention Head to DVD This July

Josh Hutcherson in Detention (2011) Movie Image

I’m not sure how, but I missed director Joseph Kahn’s horror/comedy “Detention” when it enjoyed a limited theatrical run back in April. And that’s a shame, because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. The only thing that worries me: Brent review. I respect the guy’s opinion immensely, and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. However, this is one I think I need to see for myself, as my tolerance for this kind of spoof is surprisingly high. Thankfully, I’ll have a chance to see the film when it hits DVD and Blu-ray this summer.

Anyway, drag your eyes across this excerpt from the press release:

Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck) star in the instant cult classic DETENTION, coming to Blu-Ray™, DVD and Digital July 31st from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In this comedy-horror hybrid, a group of high school seniors must prevent themselves from becoming the victims of a slasher movie villain terrorizing their small town of Grizzly Lake. Along the way they encounter body switching, time travel, and even a human-insect hybrid. The film also stars Spencer Locke (TV’s “Cougar Town”) and Shanley Caswell (upcoming The Warren Files) and features music by The Kills, Pussycat Dolls, 50 Cent, Hole, C&C Music Factory and Public Enemy.

In addition to the film, the DVD will also contain a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary entitled “Cheat Mode: The Unbelievably Mind Melting Making of Detention”. Blu-ray owners get a few extra featurettes, including a bit involving Dane Cook and his wacky goof-ups. If that’s a selling point, maybe I’m better off skipping this one altogether. Yikes.

“Detention” arrives July 31st, 2012. Read Brent’s review by clicking here.

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