Director Jun Tsugita’s Fashion Hell is Coming to Japanese DVD

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Generally speaking, I’m usually not a fan of Japanese softcore horror, mostly because this sort of dodgy motion picture always fails to deliver anything that even remotely resembles entertainment. However, Jun Tsugita’s strangely titled “Fashion Hell” — or, depending on who you ask, “Horny House of Horrors” — sports some particularly vile special effects work from none other than “Tokyo Gore Police” and “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl” director Yoshihiro Nishimura, a talented filmmaker that I’ll follow just about anywhere. Cinematically speaking, of course. The film chronicles the exploits of three friends who decide to pay a visit to a local sex shop, a decision which proves to be detrimental to the health of their respective groins. You’ll see what I mean in just a minute. Needless to say, this trailer is not safe for work. You have been warned. Seriously.

“Fashion Hell” hits Japanese DVD on February 2nd, 2011.

Author: Todd Rigney

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