Director Justin Timpane is Ready to Kick Some Ass with Ninjas vs. Monsters

If you love spending all of your free time watching low-budget martial arts movies seasoned with a little comedy and horror, then director Justin Timpane’s “Ninjas vs.” series should theoretically satisfy your desire for such peculiar cinematic cravings. This summer, Timpane unleashes the final chapter of his ambitious action-packed trilogy upon the masses. “Ninjas vs. Monsters” is the next logical step in the series’ three-part progression, and it looks to send the franchise off on a very strong note. Judging from the trailer you see embedded below, the film boldly combines swordplay, kung fu, and martial arts with the basic premise for “Monster Squad”. You might think I’m selling the film short, but, honestly, it’s kind of a compliment. Seriously.

Specifically, here’s what the film is about, courtesy of Alien Bee:

In this final installment, the Ninjas and their friends find themselves pitted against the most evil and memorable monsters of them all – Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and MORE! Loaded with martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references, and a tightly woven twist-filled plot.

Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Carla Okouchi, Jay Saunders, Devon Brookshire, P.J. Megaw, and Daniel Mascarello lend their talents to “Ninjas vs. Monsters”, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive sometime this summer. The entertaining trailer for this promising flick resides below. Have a look if you’re not too busy with other things this weekend.

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Via : Alien Bee