Director Mark Romanek and Ben Stiller Hear The Voices

I love Mark Romanek. His undeniably clever 2002 thriller “One Hour Photo” is a fantastic film, and it actually holds up incredibly well to repeat viewings. That is, of course, if you can stomach watching a slightly unbalanced photo lab employee gradually lose his sanity more than once. Why Romanek has waited so long to lense another movie is perplexing, especially considering how immensely talented the guy is. However, if the story coming out of Slashfilm is worth anything, the wait may be over. Comedian Ben Stiller is set to star in the sporatic filmmaker’s upcoming chilller “The Voices,” a picture which finds Stiller portraying a factory worker who accidentally murders one of his co-workers. In the wake of the homicide, Stiller’s character begins taking advice from his pets in order to cover his tracks.

Sound familiar? If you’ve seen writer/director Steve Cuden’s underrated 2002 horror/comedy “Lucky,” you may experience a bit of cinematic deja vu. Regardless, it’s good to know that Romanek is still interested in making movies, even if they are powered by borrowed ideas.

You can investigate the “Lucky” trailer for yourself below.