Director Mong-Hong Chung’s Soul Gets a Creepy New Teaser

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Soul (2012) Movie PosterI don’t know much about Taiwanese director Mong-Hong Chung’s upcoming thriller “Soul,” but the teaser is certainly eye-catching. Although it doesn’t reveal much in terms of the story, it definitely sets the proverbial stage for some truly unsettling moments. I can’t wait to see more.

As always, here’s a healthy synopsis to help get you started:

Quiet, 30 year-old A-Chuan is a sous chef at a Japanese restaurant. One day he collapses and is rushed to hospital, where doctors are at a loss to explain what happened to him. They deduce that his sudden disassociated state is a psychological disorder and send him back to his hometown in the mountains to recuperate under the care of his 70 year-old father, Wang. A-Chuan won’t speak, won’t eat and can’t even go to the toilet on his own. One day his father returns from work to find A-Chuan sitting in the corner and his daughter, Yan, dead in the middle of a pool of blood. In an unfamiliar, eerily calm voice, A-Chuan says, “I saw this body was empty so I moved in.” Wang is trapped.

His wife died in hospital years ago and A-Chuan is now the last remaining member of his family. Wang is unwilling to turn his only son in to the police and too scared to take him to the hospital, so he buries Yan’s corpse in an unmarked grave in the mountains. Wang drugs his son’s food and when he passes out Wang locks him in a hidden cottage. Then he has to deal with Yan’s husband, who shows up, concerned about his missing wife. To keep his son safe, Wang kills his son-in-law and he and A-Chuan settle into a peaceful routine, father and son, jailor and jailed. At night, ghosts visit A-Chuan in the cottage and talk to him. Events reach a gruesome conclusion when the police show up, looking for Yan and her husband.

That’s metric ton of information to take in all at once. If you’re having trouble wading through all of that exposition, then you can just skip ahead to the trailer. You can find the clip embedded below. The film opens overseas this summer.

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