Director Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Tree Finally Sprouts a Trailer

Fact: I really don’t like “The Wicker Man”. I tried re-watching this iconic film recently, and the experience wasn’t a good one. It just felt too pretentious for its own good. Then again, this is just one goofy man’s opinion. Fans of the original are probably quite excited that writer/director Robin Hardy is returning to this peculiar setting with “The Wicker Tree”, which opens in select theaters on January 27th, 2011. And, staying true to form, this so-called “companion piece” looks just as pretentious as the original. Nifty! Apologies to those who actually enjoy this movie.

Here’s what the flick is all about:

When two young missionaries (Brittania Nicol, Henry Garrett) head to Scotland, they are initially charmed by the locals in the town of Tressock, and agree to become the local Queen of the May and Laddie for the annual town festival. But the couple is not prepared for the frightening consequences of their decision, and the very disturbing secrets they are about to discover about Tressock’s seemingly friendly townspeople.

“The Wicker Tree” also stars Graham McTavish, Jacqueline Leonard, Honeysuckle Weeks, Clive Russell, and Christopher Lee, the latter of whom appeared in the first film. When you feel the time is right, you may investigate the trailer embedded below.