Director Sam Voutas’ Red Light Revolution is Headed to UK DVD

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The selling point of Sam Voutas’ “Red Light Revolution” is that it’s China’s first and only sex shop comedy, which, I guess, is something to be proud of. After all, every culture needs a sex shop comedy in order to truly be considered civilized. All kidding aside, the film actually looks pretty amusing, despite the fact that the premise sounds a little sophomoric. If the movie has as much heart as the trailer suggests, I think it could be something special.

Check out this synopsis:

Unemployed Beijinger, Shunzi, fresh from being fired from his cab company and still wounded by news of his wife running away for another man, decides to risk it all and follow his friend, and opens a sex store, much to the disappointment of his parents. At first battling with blow up dolls, and getting to grips with some of the vibrating merchandise, he soon realises that not only has he become a victim of a high pressured sales operation (with a gangster like supplier), but his neighbourhood is very conservative and inhabited by an ageing population. Slowly though, he starts to win them over and unites the community, but will he convert enough of them to customers to pay off the gangsters? A humorous clash of the Chinese traditional etiquette with modern sexual values.

“Red Light Revolution” will receive a theatrical release in the UK on January 20th, 2012. After that, you can purchase a copy of the film on February 13th, 2012. When you have a second, investigate the trailer below. Not surprisingly, this one isn’t safe for work.

You can read James Mudge’s review of “Red Light Revolution” here. – Nix

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